Monday, May 18, 2009

Two Posts in One Day

Parenting can be so gross sometimes.

I place my sweet little 18 pound bundle in her doorway bouncer and do some other things around the house. I did not know that she had a dirty diaper until I took her out of her doorway bouncer, felt something sticky and wet on my hand, and smelled something really bad. Gross stuff was running down one of her legs and she had sprung a leak on the other side. I quickly rushed her to our bedroom where I placed her on a blanket and begin to strip her down. As I rushed about, turning on the warm water, grabbing a wash cloth, new diaper and outfit she calmly smiled from ear to ear. I guess she was quite pleased with herself. So I began wiping the gooeyness from her leg and realize that some of it has begun to dry. So I went from rubbing gently to scrubbing her little legs. Her smile got bigger as she watched me run from the bathroom to her several times to rinse off the washcloth and scrub her, rinse off the wash cloth and scrub. I knew some of it had gone up her back so I took off her soiled onesie and had her sitting on her bottom facing the mirror that is attached to our bed. As soon as she saw herself and as soon as I started scrubbing her down she just laughed and laughed like this was the best thing that has happened to her in her short little life.

On a happier note, we had to take Constance to the doctor today because we were concerned about three rashes that had popped up. The first one was just a small yeast infection that will clear up once we put some recommended medicine on her.

Her second rash is a bit of ring worm. Once again medicine will clear it up.

The third thing is on the back of her head. She has had it since birth and they call it a 'Stork Bite." It is from where the stork handled Constance when she was dropped off on our doorstep. Seriously. Not about the stork dropping off the baby but it being true that it is called that. Apparently she will have this till she is about two and it will get inflamed when she is hot, upset, takes a warm bath etc..

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  1. Great posts, babe. I can't think of anything really to write since it is a little after 5:15 a.m. but I read both blog posts.

    I miss you guys and can't wait to see you once all of this settles down with work. You and Sweet Pea are the world to me...even though it may not feel like it to you. I love you.




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