Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My first Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's day! I woke up and Keith and Constance had a card for me. They also got me a porcelain plate with a really cool design on it! We then went to church where they had all the mom's stand up. It was the first time that I got to stand up and it was a bit embarrassing! After church we went home where my wonderful husband prepared an entire meal for us. We had chicken chili, salad, corn bread, rice krispie treats and lemonade. It was delicious! That evening we went to the park to fish (we did not catch anything though) and had a picnic. It was wonderful.

On another note, when the baby was first born we had her sleeping in her own room. However when we had the bad ice storm come through and knocked out our power, we pulled the bassinet into our bedroom and had the baby sleep in there. Since that time, Constance has always slept in our bedroom at night in her bassinet. We just purchased new baby monitors since our other ones went out. So we decided to have Constance transfer back to her own room at night. We did the typical routine and when she was out I placed her in her crib and bundled her nice and tight. It was a little sad going to bed that night since I am used to peeking at her in the bassinet before going to bed. Unfortunately, the baby woke up about 40 minutes later due to some unknown reason. Keith went and got her for me and I nursed her again and we just put her back in her bassinet. We will probably try again tonight to have her sleep in her crib.

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  1. Here we are, working on night four. The second night Baby Constance was awakened at 4:20 a.m. (probably by the garbage trucks that get the strip malls trash about 100 yards from where we live). The third night (this morning) she slept until 4:58 a.m. I get up at 5 so that was not so bad for me, but for Heather it was trying. Who knows what tonight holds. The crazy birds think that they can start chirping at 4 in the morning and everyone wants to hear them sing and mate and whatever else birds make chirping noises for. Not me, not Heather, and not Constance. If I had a shotgun then I might deter them a little but I don't so I won't.

    Daddy Moose



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