Thursday, May 7, 2009

A better week

After the initial craziness of teething, we have had a great week. Constance is such a happy baby and is such a blessing. I can't believe how big she is getting and all the new things she does and sounds she makes. She is fascinated with cups! Any time anyone near her drinks something she immediately reaches out her chubby little hands to grasp the cup. After that any time you drink she watched every moment of it. We have given her a small plastic cup from time to time but I do not think she is as fascinated with it as ours.

We have also started up rice cereal again mainly due to Constance having eaten earlier than normal one evening. We wanted to make sure her belly stayed full so we would continue sleeping through the night…which by the way she has done awesome with.

No teeth.


  1. No teeth? No teeth? After all that pain and work and fussing and frustration for you and her both? The nerve!!! How dare those teeth not come in! Poor Constance, and poor mommy!

    Glad you had a good week after the rough start! Love you both bunches! ~~Mom

  2. She especially likes it when we drink something colorful like Koolaid. I think it is a combination of things: the color, the noise of the ice, the fact that we are putting something up to our mouths without it disappearing which she does all the time, and she wants it.

    Her door hanging bouncer is one of the greatest things that I like to see her do. We have a home video of her "dancing" with a youtube video in the background playing from "The Lord of the Dance" group. It is pretty cute. Sorry I can't post it. Once we upgrade cameras we will get that capability.

    Kudos to my wife for the hours that she puts into our child each day. I married one awesome woman. I always wanted to marry someone who I thought would be a good mom. I didn't. I married someone who is a great mom instead.

    Love you, Sweetie,




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