Monday, May 4, 2009


Wow, up to this point, parenthood has been relatively easy. We have a great baby who smiles all the time and laughs and does not cry very often…till today. The ugly thing that we call TEETHING has arrived in full force and it has been rough!

Constance and I had a pleasant morning. She woke up at 6:30a.m., ate really well and took an hour long nap later on. Then she woke up at 9:30a.m. ate okay and then totally had an emotional breakdown. She cried and cried and screamed like she was in pain. I rubbed her gums with baby oragel which only made her more upset. And so the afternoon continued like the above with only one more catch. Up to this point, she has not eaten in almost seven hours. She only goes that long at night. She becomes very upset when I try to feed her. I called her doctor and he has me take her temperature which was normal and told me to give her baby Tylenol. However, he said that if she does not eat anything by tomorrow morning to go ahead and bring her in to the office. That seems like an awful long time for an 18 week old to not have eaten.

UPDATE** Yesterday evening Constance did start eating again! We gave her some baby tylenol before bed and she slept through the night. Today has gone well so far! We have no teeth to show for yesterday though!

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  1. My kids liked to chew on a cold wet rag when they were teething -- of course that meant they always seem to have wet clothes on but it made them happy. I'm not sure Constance is old enough to hold and get the rag to her mouth yet -- mine took forever to get teeth so they had better motor control then.



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