Monday, April 13, 2009

My baby thinks I am funny

Besides the amount of time, energy, and work a baby creates, it is also incredible how much joy someone so little can produce. In spite of the times where she has emotional outburst for no reason, or produces bad diapers right as we are heading out the door, or how I can not just get out and go without having to think about her feeding and nap schedule, or how I do not get as much sleep as I did before she was born, Constance has been a blessing.

Right now, my baby finds me hilarious. She is responding back to certain things and showing her personality more and more. The other day while we were visiting at my parent's house I tried to mimic a noise that my daughter had created. I messed it up and laughed at myself. Constance laughed too. So I tried again to make the noise, paused and then laughed. She laughed again. I did this over and over again getting the same results. It was so awesome.

In some ways I wish they could stay this young and innocent. Stay where they know and feel and receive mom and dad's love without all the attitude that comes later


  1. Who is the handsome fella in the pic to the right? It's me!

    I loved hearing Constance laugh at you the other day. It was awesome. She was having a blast and I know it is helping her to experience such a wide range of emotions. She is so animated and growing faster than fertilized grass. Being a dad is awesome.

    Daddy Moose

  2. What a beautiful little girl! I am so proud of you and Keith for the commitment and effort you are putting forth every day to be the Godly parents that God intends for you to be. May God continue to rain down blessings on your family is our prayer.



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