Saturday, April 18, 2009

I love cloth diapers!

Cloth diapers are amazing. I must admit that I was a VERY big skeptic in the beginning. Keith had mentioned that he would like to try them when we were pregnant…and I told him I was willing to try them but not to hold his breath that I would use them very long.

We began researching which ones we thought would be best. And so we picked some out called Bum Genius ( They are designed to fit newborn to toddler. No need for pins, inserts, or extra covering. These diapers do it all! A big thank you to my parents for purchasing them for us! Very quickly she grew into the diapers and we discovered that twelve would not get us very far. It is amazing how many diapers one so small can go through! Also, to preserve the "life" of the cloth diapers it is recommended that you do not put them in the dryer. It took a good two /three days for the bum genius to dry (if we could not put them outside on the line). So we continued buying paper diapers.

One day my mom came to visit and she suggested using regular cloth diapers, the type of ones that she used on us when we were little. They are the plain white ones where you would need something to hold them together plus a plastic covering over the top. I was still a bit skeptical but the desire to save money overruled my thinking. Thankfully I did not have to use the pins that hold them together. A friend of ours had given us something called a "Snappi." ( It is pin and pain free and works just as well. My mom easily put the cloth diapers on Constance. When she left however I called her with Specimen A (Constance) and Specimen B (the cloth diaper) because I could not get it on her to save my life. She talked me through it and now I can put the cloth diapers on pretty easily. They are great and can be washed/bleached/and dried easily.

Then we received another type of cloth diaper (15 of them to be exact) called "Kushies by Baby Bebe." ( These diapers are amazing as well! You can not bleach them like you can the plain white ones, and they do take a bit longer to dry but they hold up well. With these I do not have to worry about using a Snappi or plastic cover. It has everything I already need.

In the past three days I have only used 2 paper diapers. It is so exciting and I love the money it saves. For those of you who are still skeptics, it is not as bad as you think it would be, even with a messy diaper!
Go cloth!

P.s. In the second picture of Constance where she looks so happy…she is modeling one of the Bum Genius diapers!


  1. My wife rocks for her thriftiness and willingness to try new things! She is mine, all mine, my precious! Nobody else can have her (or my daughter for that matter). Thanks to the in-laws for creating her and raising her well. Gotta go to work. I love my sweetness and sweetie pie!!!!

  2. Constance is already modeling--wow! Now, if she could earn a paycheck modeling, she'd pay for her own keep. LOL! I know I'm silly. I think it's great you guys are going against the flow of your generation and using cloth diapers. Somehow, most folks don't even consider that as a realistic possibility these days. Good for you!




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