Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Healthy Baby and Cereal

We are very happy to report that Constance is healthy! We had her 4 month well baby checkup the other day. She weighs 17 pounds 2 ounces which puts her in the 99% of her age range. She is 25.5 inches long (which puts her in the 89%) and her head is average. The doctor said she is a big girl but not fat by any means because of how long she is. Everything she is supposed to be doing by now she does.

We were really a bit nervous about going to her new doctor since we had to leave the pediatrician she has seen since birth. However we really liked it there. Everyone was very nice and very informative and there is no trouble with us delaying her shots.

Another thing that we started last night was rice cereal. It was suggested to us that we go ahead and start on that and next month we can introduce veggies and fruits. We might wait till she is 5 ½ months old or just starting 6 months to do that just because my breast milk is the healthiest thing for her and she has not had any shots yet. So anyway, we mixed up the cereal which was 1 T cereal and 5 T breast milk. We put a bib on her, placed her in her bumbo and gave her the first spoonful. She kind of gave us a look like we were crazy! I was able to give her three or four spoonfuls of it. Now I can not guarantee that it all went in her but at least some did. At some point she stopped opening her mouth. However, she did not sleep through the night. She woke up at 2:30a.m., ate, and did not want to go back to bed. Her schedule was so messed up yesterday though so maybe it will go better tonight.

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  1. So a love of books is already beginning at four months old--awesome!



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