Monday, October 5, 2009


This happened several weeks ago but I forgot to post it. Constance had woken up at 5 in the morning and after trying to get her to back down I decided to feed her. I sat on the couch with her and my husband asked if I wanted him to change her diaper. I told him that would be great and much to Constance's dismay, she was scooped off my lap and taken to her bedroom. She was crying and very upset since she was taken from her food source. Very clearly however, in the middle of her crying she said, "Mama" really loud! She has not said it since then so I guess it was just a fluke but I will take what I can. It made being up so early a little easier!

Constance still loves vanilla yogurt and did not seem to mind the strawberry yogurt that we fed her the other day. I hate feeding her "artificial" stuff though. Another new flavor we started yesterday was prunes. Keith said that was one of his favorite things to eat when he was a little tyke and insisted that Constance would love them as well. So we tried it and she seems to accept it just fine. I have only given it to her in little doses though as I am not sure how they will affect her bad diaper situation.

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  1. Hey Heathery

    I really enjoy the pictures. Constance seems to be taking the cool weather in stride. Can't wait to introduce her to snow and the fine art of snowman making. Grandpa will have to find a nice hill to side down with her. Yes, I just felt the panic in your voice... Maybe dad should take her first..... Oh wait, I think I just heard her say grandpa..... Love you DAD.



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