Monday, September 28, 2009

Sleep....where have you gone?

In 9 days, Constance has slept through the night once. Typically the only time she would wake up during the night was when she was teething…however we can not feel any new teeth coming in. ¼ of the time I have to feed her and that does not put her to sleep, but gets her sleepy enough to go back to sleep. The other times she just fights it and eventually falls asleep. When we first hear her stirring we wait to see if she will get herself back to sleep. If she does not go back to sleep my wonderful husband goes in and trys to get her to go down. If I went in there first we would have no hope of Constance going down as I am her food source. We have tried everything to include keeping her up later and saturating the baby and her room with prayer. It is not like she gets too much sleep during the day. Her two naps average 40 minutes! We are so tired and this is one of the hardest things about parenthood thus far.

I will post more pictures soon.


  1. Mmmm....Bless your hearts, I KNOW you are worn out! You could try not going all the way in the room, talking to her from the door, telling her she is fine, and gently but firmly tell her it is time to lay down and go back to sleep. Jan told me her daughter Robyn did that with her baby, about Constance's age at the time, and it worked. If that doesn't work, try to get in the routine of checking on her, checking her diaper, bundling her as always, and then doing all of the above without getting her out of her crib. Perhaps turning on her mobile as you say good night? Just a thought.... Love you bunches, Mom

  2. The doc told me this: "If you were used to eating a steak dinner in the middle of the night every night, you'd wake up hungry and expecting steak every night." It might be hard, but leave her be. She's got to learn how to comfort herself and put herself to sleep. Otherwise you guys are going to have a hard time even as she gets older. It took Elijah about a week and he realized, night time is for sleeping. Be strong. She'll eventually cry it out or talk herself to sleep (depending on her mood.) If you guys keep going in there, she'll never learn to rely on Constance for self-comfort...and that's really important. Hope this helps and doesn't seem too cruel.

    Love you guys,



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