Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look Mom, No Hands!

The other day I was sitting in our computer chair and saw that Constance was trying to pull herself up while holding onto the couch. She succeeded even though she still had wobbly legs. The next thing I know, my adventurous baby spotted the remote control. She grabbed the remote with both hands which of course meant she did not have a hold of the couch anymore. I made a lunge for her right before she would have fallen. I told Keith the other day that it would be tempting to let her take a tumble or two IF we had carpeted floor. But we don't and my guess is that we will continue to have heart stopping moments.


  1. You know I always say that kids need to learn about gravity sooner than later. However, I agree, a nose plan into a hardwood floor isn't the best way to go. At least the look mom no hands wasn't on a bicycle....Coming to a street near you. One samll step is a coming.... Love ya. DAD

  2. She is growing so quickly. At the same time, so little time has passed. I guess they grow by leaps and bounds in the first few years. I mean she started as a gigantic purple baby girl who couldn't feed herself, give herself a bath, coordinate the movement of her arms and legs, and more AND NOW she can stand when holding onto something, crawl in two different positions, do a modified hand/head stand, stick things in her mouth in an attempt to feed herself, express emotions, laugh, and the list goes on. She did all this in less than 9 months. That is crazy. It is all the good genes in the families that she was breed from.

    Love you,

    Daddy Moose



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