Thursday, July 23, 2009

Solid Food is making a Come Back

Up until this past Tuesday, Constance has been on a solid food fast for about four days. We had given her some store bought baby food carrots (the only processed food other than her cereal that we have given her) and they next day she started spitting up most of what she ate. So I did not give her solid food all that day to give her tummy time to get better. Then her Nanny (my mom) came for a visit and I just did not give her any solid food during that time. I do not think Constance even missed it since it was such a struggle before! However on Tuesday I decided to try again. I heated up a homemade applesauce cube and fed it to her. She ate the whole thing! On Wednesday I heated up one applesauce and one peach cube. The peach to her seemed to be sour, however she took several bites anyway. She also ate several bites of her applesauce. On Wednesday evening I re-heated her leftovers and was able to get her to eat several bites of both. I am so excited and hope this trend continues. Today I will try a veggie, probably sweet potato and see how she does with that.

She is not crawling yet but does get on her knees before falling over. We also put her in her walker this week. She hardly moved in it at first or if she did she would go backwards. The other day I put her in it while I was cleaning the kitchen and when I started sweeping she got very excited and immediately walked towards me! She kept tripping over her feat though because it was going too fast. Once she reached me I let her touch the handle of the broom and then I went to the other side of the kitchen and called to her. She figured out how to turn in her walked and came to me again and was thrilled that I let her touch the broom handle. Silly baby.

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  1. I can see that we are teaching her early on to participate in house work. Way to go! Now if we can just have enough kids that each kid gets a room to maintain then we will be good to go! Ha!

    Thanks for being such a great mom to our little girl. You're Grrrrreeeeeaaaaattt!

    Love you,

    Daddy Moose



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