Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Constance and Levi,

I love that I get to spend every day with you. You make me smile and melt my heart with day-to-day things.

Levi, I love your kisses. Whether you are happy or sad, you need your mama's kisses. You like to grab my entire head and make a grinding noise with your teeth as you press your entire body into mine. You also know how stinkin' cute you are and grin at me with your eight teeth (by the way, your mama is convinced that you ONLY have 8 teeth. Ever.) anytime you know you are doing something you shouldn't be. You also LOVE to read. You grab a book or several books off the shelf, find me, and walk backwards till your sitting on my lap. You point at everything on every page and go, "Uhhh."

My sweet Constance. You are such a mama's girl right now. I must admit that I rather enjoy it. You have me put you down to bed now (it used to be your daddy) and you want only me to buckle you in the car seat if the whole family is going somewhere. If you have to choose who gets you dressed between mommy or daddy, it will always be me. You always ask me to play with you. I find this slightly amusing because I always play with you, you don't have to ask. You LOVE to read and always ask for one more story. You LOVE to sing. I love when you tell me you love me. You also have a super imagination and always have pretend animals running around.

I love you both with all my heart.

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  1. Just dropping by to say hi and see how much your kids have grown! Looks like everyone is well and happy! Enjoy your two treasures! :)



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