Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stinky Toes

For Christmas, my folks bought a walk behind stroller for Constance as well as a baby doll to put in it. This is the first “real” baby doll for our daughter and Keith and I affectionately dubbed the doll as “Lily.” As Constance has started playing more and more with Lily I have noticed two things. One, I am concerned for her future motherhood as I see her interact with her doll. I do not think that throwing Lily on the floor and dragging her by her head is the makings of a good mommy. The second thing I have noticed is that she will smell Lily’s toes. It is hilarious to watch! When Constance was a little younger we would do that to her-That is, smell her feet and proclaim loudly, “Ewwww, stinky feet!” I guess that is where she gets the idea of smelling Lily’s feet.

Constance must have a sensitive nose though, as her dolls feet are not the only thing she smells. She smells the cats. She smells our hands. She smells her food even if it is a Cheerio. She smells her blanket and the pillows and the carpet… Now I am not saying she smells everything ALL the time but probably 1/2 of the time. As long as she does not start smelling our friends when they come over I guess she will be fine.


  1. That's funny that she smells the baby's feet. Megan's favorite doll is named Lily. That doll has been with us since Megan was 2. In fact, Megan got a real stoller to push her around in for Christmas this year and there are many times she joins us when we go out for dinner. I will be sad to see the day that Megan puts her away.

  2. V smells everyone who comes into our home! Beware!




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