Sunday, December 13, 2009

Asleep in the High Chair

The strangest thing happened this morning. It was around 11:00a.m. and I put my baby in her high chair to feed her lunch. I knew she was tired but she does not go down for a nap till 1:00p.m. I gave her some turkey hot dog pieces, some baby granola bar, a banana cookie and some whole milk. I cut the banana cookie in three parts so she could eat it on her own while I did dishes. Constance ate all three bites and all of a sudden her eyes where closing and her head was bobbing. She was falling asleep! I hopped up to turn the water off at the sink and when I turned around, she was done. I made sure she was breathing first and then got the blankets in the crib ready. I then grabbed the camera, took a picture and she did not move. I made sure she was breathing again, picked her up and laid her in her crib. She never moved a muscle. I wrapped her in her blankets, made sure she was breathing one more time and left.


  1. I have a pic of one of the kids when they fell asleep in the walker. You know they are really tired when they fall asleep like that! Is Constance doing better about sleeping through the night now that you are down to just one nap?



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