Friday, November 13, 2009

Meow goes the cat

“Meroweeeeeee” was the sound that came from the living room while I was fixing my coffee in the other room. That sound could mean only one thing. Constance must be trying to pet our cat, Sugarwafer. Peaking into the living room I was surprised to see that Constance was ON the cat, not just trying to pet him. Her chubby little body was sprawled right on top of Wafer’s and he could not get up. “Constance,” I said in a near panic, “we are not supposed to lay ON the cat.” By the time I got in there a very bitter cat was able to get up and a little girl looked quite pleased with herself.

I wonder when Constance is going to stop looking like a baby? Will it be when she learns to walk? When she celebrates her first birthday next month? When she gets more hair? I am still amazed at how quickly she grows and how fast this year has gone by since her birth. Daily she looks older, masters old things and discovers new things that she can do.

We have had a small break through with our solid food adventure. While Constance is no where close to be able to wean of breast milk, she is getting there. Almost anything we give her, as long as it is a small enough bite she can pick up and eat. She ate a whole muffin top yesterday morning. I have also learned that if I want to feed her a puree of anything I need to do it before letting her feed herself with finger foods. She won’t let me feed her if she already has the ability to feed herself. She is also enjoying whole milk. We bought a straw sippy cup since all the others she had destroyed by her chewing. At first she could not grasp that she had to bite and suck the straw to get the milk. Keith and I had to help her get it started. The next day however, she drank out of the straw like a pro.

While I still hold to the fact that she is an excellent baby she now has a new noise for when she complains. It is the high-pitched squeal that is actually really cute. I do not think she appreciates us when we laugh at her.


  1. I can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving! I miss ya'll!


  2. It is so fun to read what Baby Constance is doing! You think this first year has gone by fast? My daughter is on countdown to her birthday in January, when she turns 18! It ALL goes by fast! Keep blogging, girl, you are making every moment last just a little bit longer!



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