Monday, August 24, 2009

It is official. Constance can crawl

It has finally happened. Constance has figured out how to crawl, however she is not a full time crawler yet. I watched her this morning get on all fours and take four or five "steps" and then low crawl. She then would get up and do it again. Later in the morning I saw her do both again as she was going from her room to the hallway. I am very excited though, sort of, and wish that her daddy was here to see it. Now is time to not procrastinate on getting the rest of the house baby crawl proof.

Another milestone is that yesterday evening I was sitting at the computer and Keith was watching a television show on the couch. We had put Constance on the living room floor to play. At some point I look over from the computer and see Constance standing up holding onto the couch. For a brief second I look back at the computer like I had seen nothing out of the ordinary. And then it clicked! Constance had pulled herself off the floor and was keeping herself steady by holding onto the couch! It was the first time she had done that. In fear of her falling I lunged out of my chair to get her and by that time Keith had seen her. We were so excited and he picked her up and gave her a hug.

Not that I find secret pleasure in this but after 8 months of parenthood Keith was finally thrown up on. Yes, he has had some mild spit up in his days but never full pledged throw up. We think she became sick from her recent shot that was given to her. It went all over both of them-shirts and jeans. My wonderful husband gave Constance a much needed bath after that.

And last but not least, teeth amount number 5 and 6 is coming in. It is the top right "eye" tooth and the one right beside that. So far she only has one of her top two middle teeth.


  1. Yeah! Crawling baby!!! Give her a congratulatory hug for me!

    Love you,

  2. I can say with all modesty that I belive that Miss Constance can now crawl do to the magnificant training session her grandpa provided to her at your last visit. She just remembered right hand, left knee, left hand, right knee, repeat... That is great that she is now ready to explore the low-crawl, crawl, or giant step at a time. Love ya DAD

  3. Ha! Have to chuckle at Dad taking credit for "teaching" her to crawl! She is a little cutie, that's for sure. And having witnessed her crawling, both on her belly AND on all fours, I'd say she is becoming a little pro at it. Now that she is also pulling herself up, NOTHING is safe! Love you bunches,

  4. Her teeth are hilarious. When she smiles she looks like a little hocky player or redneck baby who is "missing" her teeth from unnatural causes. And still she manages to pull off the extreme cutie-pie of the year look. What a baby!



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