Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm Back

I am sorry for the delay in writing this week. There seems to always be something else to do-dishes to be done, the baby needing to nap, supper needing to be made, a shower that need to be taken etc… I am very thankful for a husband who does help me with the day to day tasks when he is home. We have also added one more stressful thing to our lives (which hopefully will not be stressful once we get into a routine) a change in jobs for Keith. He is going to be a high school teacher (Yikes!) In the past two weeks I feel like I have seen and talked to him less. We both feel overwhelmed! I know that it will get easier but until then I can whine in my blog!

Constance is growing like a weed. I wonder why we say that? Don’t we hate weeds? Shouldn’t we pluck them from the brown earth when they show their shiny green petals? So let me correct my self. Constance is growing like a…rose? I don’t know. Any suggestions?

It is hard to believe that she is 31 weeks old. She still does not like solid food and I am getting so discouraged (wait a minute, am I whining again?). I was worried when we started giving her solid food on Father's Day that she would be eating more of that then my milk. Boy was I wrong! We did introduce avocado and plain (sometimes mixed with homemade fruit purees) yogurt. I am tired of heating up cubes of food just to see them go to waste. I am not one of those moms who plan on breastfeeding their child till she is five. I do plan on breastfeeding "full time" for a year but we will start the weaning process around, if not a little before, that time.

One success is that our baby sleeps 98% of the time in her own room for the whole night. She is also so close to crawling. Just today she figured out how to have both knees underneath her. I will give her a week to master it!

Much to my dismay she has started saying, "da da da da da da da, " day and night. She does not yet know that the noise she is making actually belongs to someone but it will click at some point. I tell Constance, No da da. Say mama." She will just laugh at me and start saying da da da all over again!


  1. How about, "She is growing faster than Jack's beanstalk!"

    One way or another she will learn to like pureed food. We just have to stay consistent with it and eventually she will think to herself, "oh, I think I do like that slimy green stuff that mom keeps shoveling into my mouth."

    Great blog.

    Love you,

    Daddy Moose

  2. I love the new pics. And I like she's growing as fast as a rose. That suits her cause she's just as pretty as one. "da da da" huh? Cute. Maybe she's trying to say "duck". Ha! That was Elijah's first official word. (Although my mother swears it was Mama, but I wasn't there for that one so it doesn't count.) Keep writing when you have time. I love reading about your little one and all.

    Love ya,

  3. I officially cast my vote for growing faster than a rose too!

    How dare you try to make that child eat---what a SAD face! The nerve, mama.

    Never mind saying da da and mama. Constance, start saying n-n-nanny!

    Love you bunches,
    Mom AND Nanny!



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